About POGS

The Pune Obstetric and Gynecological Society(POGS) is a professional body with Gynecologists as its members .The POGS has a mission to unite its members to strengthen the professional bonds amongst members to help enhance knowledge , research and the standards of the clinical practice to be able to serve the women better .POGS as an NGO also is dynamically involved in various social programs pertaining to women’s health and is keen on empowering women in the aspects of their health.
The vision statement of the Society reflects this very well .It also takes up advocacy at various government levels with respect to womens’ health and the profession .The administrative year of the Society begins in April with the installation of the New Managing Committee under the leadership of the President .The constitution of the Society guides the functioning of the organization and the Past presidents guide the Managing Committee through their wisdom.
The Annual CME is its first academic and social event and throughout the year the program is undertaken keeping the vision in context .


We would like to target issues like

  • Adolescent health programs
  • Eradiation of anaemia in all age groups.
  • Reduction in MMR by early registration of cases along with proper antenatal care early deduction of high risk factors during pregnancy & manage them appropriately as to avoid any grave complications.
  • Screening of gynaecological cancers
  • Healthy wealthy and wise POGS members