Dr. Vaishali Korde-Nayak

Dr. Vaishali Korde-Nayak

General Secretary

Dear Friends,

Namskar & warm greetings from Pune OBGY society.
The New Team of POGS has taken over from 1st April & our theme of the year is She…
The STAR; She is Sassy, Talented, Ageless, Resilient …The STAR.
I am honored to serve this prestigious society of Pune, as a General Secretary in this
year 2021-22. Under the guidance of President, Dr Sunita Tandulwadlkar, we have a
complete academic bonanza planned for the forthcoming year. The POGS calendar will
give you the details of the same. Looking forward to work with you all & meet you all
Star connect – a news bulletin, is the way we are going to bring you the Kaleidoscope of
OBGY life. Along with Physical health, the mental health is equally important. To touch
upon the spiritual aspect, I would like to share with you, the spiritual treasure of Maharashtra, ... ‘Manache Shlok’.
Manache Shlok are Hymns addressed to ’the mind’ which are composed by one of the
greatest saints of Maharashtra, Samarth Ramdas Swami in the 17th century (1608 to
1682). He was also the guiding force of the great Maratha Warrier, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
These Shlokas (Hymns) are full of the highest spiritual advice. These should be taken as
suggestions or recommendations to our mind for being in a healthy, happy and peaceful state. The way we need to clean, exercise and discipline our body, we also need to do
the same to our mind.
I will be sharing few shlokas in series, out of 205 total shlokas, which will guide us to
keep our minds calm & disciplined during these pandemic crises & otherwise. I earnestly
hope that this reading would help inculcate the simplicity and sincerity in our life which
would make our attitude towards self, in particular, and others, in general, more equitable.

मना सज्जना भक्तिपंथेिच जावे। (Mana Sajjana Bhakti panthechi jave I)
तरी शीहरी पािवजेतो स्वभावे। (Tari Shrihari Pavijeto Swabhave |)
जनी िनंद तेसव्वसोडूिन दावे। (Janee Nindya te sarv soduni dyave |)
जनी वंद तेसव्वभावेकरावे।। २। (Janee vandya te sarv bhave karave || 2 ||

Oh, my pious mind, follow the path of devotion & Only devotion.
That is the only way to achieve salvation, the goal of being with GOD himself.
Give up everything considered obnoxious by wise people in society. It will never
bring you peace.
Take care of your behavior & mold your character in such a manner which is liked, appreciated, and most importantly accepted by one and all in society. || 2 ||
( English translation by Prof Kunte.)
| Jai Shri Ram |
Even during this pandemic, our POGS Team will continue the traditional academic activities with the same vigour. In addition to that POGS Star connect will give us an opportunity to connect with you all every month & share interesting articles.
‘Love is nothing but Sharing & Caring’ ……let’s share & care!

General Secretary, POGS 2021-22