From the President desk

April 2017

President of POGS Dr. Aparna Shrotri
The President of POGS
Dr. Nishikant Shrotri

Presidential Address on Installation at
32nd Annual CME : ALERT
at Hotel Grand Sheraton

Hon. Padmabhooshan Padmashree Vaijay Bhatkar Sir, Dr. Rishma Pai, the President of FOGSI, all the dignitaries on the dais, all my Pogsian collegues, the assembled Gynaecologists and guests in the auditorium:

It gives me a great pleasure and honour to stand here behind this podium as the most esteem person of this Society – the President of POGS. This is the desire and wish of all the members of POGS who have shown faith in me and have chosen me for this heavily responsible post. ही तर श्रींच्या बरोबरच तुम्हा सर्वांची इच्छा! I am indeed thankful to all the POGSians.
We are in Pune and are Punekars. We are well known for our love and respect for Marathi. Hence, during my expressions now, I am going to have a blend of English and Marathi – it is intentional. I do not feel the need to beg for the excuse for speaking in Marathi; in fact I am proud of it – मला मराठीत बोलण्याचा अभिमान आहे!

Dr. Meenu Agarwal has already informed you about our tentative plan for the academic activities during the coming year. So, now I would like to share some of my thoughts with you.
Though I am standing here today, my mind is thrown 46 years back. मनात अनेक स्मृतीची गर्दी झाली आहे. Let me share some of them with you.

Friends, I entered this Society in 1971. I entered as a member of POGS and was straight away given the heavy responsibility of General Secretary; which I had to shoulder for continuous 8 years.

In 1971, Dr. A. V. alis Polly Umranikar told me to become a member and also the Secretary of the society. As a resident and post graduate student of Ob-Gyn, Dr. Umranikar was my mentor and role model and to follow his wish was the motto of my life. Hence I accepted this responsibility.

Later sometimes in 1974, Late Dr. A. G. Sathe became President of the Society. He really gave some vision and concept to me about managing such organizations. Till that, our society was not a registered body, neither had it any constitution. Under the able guidance and leadership of Dr. A. G. Sathe, I could form the first constitution of the Society and get it registered with the Charity Commissioner as a charitable trust. I would say Dr. A. G. Sathe played a pivot role in guiding me to give this society a legal standing and stability. He indeed had many innovative ideas. In those days, it was a herculean task to achieve the number of 30 members, which was a requirement for FOGSI recognition and affiliation. Dr. Sathe suggested me the idea of Life Membership; along with 5 years membership also, which eased out the problem of attaining the required figure. In the first year we had 9 life members and 5 had taken 5 years membership. My friends, today, I indeed feel very proud to inform you that I was the first Life Member of this Society; Late Dr. Sathe and Dr. Umranikar being the second and third life members.

We could register this society as a Charitable trust in the year 1977. Then feeling the stress of single handed working for continuous 7 years, with the consent and approval of my president Dr. Sathe, I trifurcated the post of Secretary into General Secretary, Clinical Secretary and Treasurer. Dr. Dilip Kamat then became the first Clinical Secretary with me.
Later, in 1982, POGS organised the first National Level Conference of FOGSI. I feel very proud to inform you my colleagues, that Dr. A. V. Umranikar was instrumental, responsible and pioneer of Conferences of POGS. Moreover, he is also a pioneer of CMEs by POGS.

After 1982 national conference, POGS never looked back and progressed with leaps and bounds to such a huge body of Gynaecologists of and around Pune.

Well, standing here with the responsibility and honour of President, all these memories have clustered in my mind and I have become a little sentimental. In fact while accepting this responsibility, I had asked a question thausand times to myself: why at this age of 72 you want to become president? For Honour? — No my friends and the distinguished guests, definitely not! Let me confide with you. I have seen and reared this society in its very difficult times when it was like an undernourished mother. आता या संस्थेला सुदृढ निरोगी अवस्थेत पहातांना, माझा ऊर कौतुकाने भरून येतो आहे. अंगाखांद्यावर खेळविलेल्या मुलीला भरगच्च सुखी संसारात रमलेले बघतांना पित्याला जो आनंद होतो तशा आनंदाने बेभान व्हायाला होते आहे मला. अर्थात, मला माहित आहे, मी POGSचा पिता नाही तर तिचे वृद्ध असलो तरी एक लेकरू आहे.

I felt, if I can serve this society in her state of prosperity and stability also, I shall feel contented and will give something back to the society what she has given me over the years together. Thus, I accepted this responsibility.
Hence, in this coming year, I have a vision of spreading the horizon of POGS working to some more fields in society. Along with clinical help and advice, health education also would be a part of my mission. Also, this is an era when the medical fraternity is under continuous stress of Medico-Legal accidents. I dream to form a cell in our society which will help our professional colleagues in avoiding such complications and also will stand by them to see the emergency through. Fortunately we have young, enthusiastic and able Gynaecologists in POGS to stand by me in this mission.

Medical practice, now a days is not only imparting medical services to the patients. It has so many other facets in these days. In fact they were there for decades together; however, they did not appear to be as stringent as they are appearing in the twenty-first century. Friends, I have got a feeling that when a doctor is out in the society with his degree to practice, he is equipped only with medical knowledge and to some extent, clinical skill. Business management is the weaker side of almost all of them. I had shed my sweat visiting university for years to get a subject of Management in the curriculum of MBBS; in vain.

Now, so many accreditations, registrations, licences, etc. are required for hospital; moreover, special permissions and licences to offer specialized services to the society – Ultrasonography, MTP, etc are few of them. NABH accreditation also is a new requirement that on the horizon. FOGSI has undertaken with association of JEPIEGO guidance training for obtaining this accreditation. I promise you all to make this guidance available to you. We are planning to have a special workshop on this subject very soon.
Reaching the medical education to outreach medical practitioners along with health education and services to the interior parts is my dream. With the help of you all, I wish to implement this during the current year. As a part of making health services to the marginalised and underprivileged sector of the pregnant women, let us all offer our services on 9th of every month to the government or corporation antenatal clinics in response to the prime minister’s appeal.

Friends, our country is a perfect blend of affluent class and BPL class, highly educated sector and the uneducated sector; let us try to reach the health services to each stratum of the society effectively and safely.

मातुरारोग्यम समाजस्य भाग्यम या माझ्याच उक्तीवर माझा संपूर्ण विश्वास आहे. हे ब्रीद अमलात आणण्याचा आटोकाट प्रयत्न राहील माझा.

And lastly, promising you all to the noble and gigantic task of save and honour the females, to which I am dedicated over last 40 years, I beg all the cooperation from you and take your leave from this rostrum.

मातुरारोग्यम समाजस्य भाग्यम|

Thank you!

Jai Hind; Jai Maharashtra; Jai Mothers!